Match Your Entire Home with Nostalgic Warehouse™ Finishes

To many, the finish on their hardware is as important as the design.  We agree.  And, this is the reason we spend so much time and effort to achieve beautiful, flawless finishes on our products.

The foundation of our finishes is forged brass.  Forging creates a product without: defects, pits, holes, etc.  Forging also provides excellent detail, something very important with our intricate designs.  The cast brass process used by many manufacturers is cheaper, but it cannot match the beautiful results produced by our forging experts.

Living and Lacquered Finishes

The basic question is whether you want your finish to change with use/time.  The warm patina that unlacquered brass attains over time is beautiful to behold.  Unless, you liked the way your brass hardware looked when new.  Which, requires that it be lacquered after polishing.  In addition to death and taxes, the only certainty in life is that living finishes will indeed change.

Antique Brass (AB)

Antique Brass and Vintage Brass are for anyone who likes the look of aged brass, but doesn’t want to wait for unlacquered brass to gather a patina. It’s polished and relieved, then satin-lacquered to lock-in its appearance. Beautiful, with a softer look than polished brass.

Antique Pewter (AP)

Slightly darker than satin nickel.  It’s darkened, then relieved, to give an moderately-aged appearance.  Finally, it receives several coats of satin lacquer to freeze its beauty in time.

Bright Chrome (BC)

Other than polished brass, bright chrome has been the most-used finish for brass hardware and plumbing.  It sparkles, and doesn’t age or tarnish.  This finish can’t be beat for durability.

Lifetime Brass (PVD) (LB)

Lifetime Brass is a PVD polished brass option.  PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process used to create a very durable, corrosion and tarnish resistant finish. This is similar in appearance to highly polished brass.  PVD finish is commonly used for bathroom fixtures and entry hardware, which are exposed to frequent moisture and/or salt air.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze (OB)

Oil-Rubbed Bronze is a living finish. It is oxidized, oiled and left to change with time.  It’s the purist’s bronze finish, but will not suit those who want their bronze to be forever dark.

Polished Brass (PB)

The most traditional finish.  Polished and gloss-lacquered.   Constantly goes in and out of style, but’s never gone long.   Makes almost everything look good, just like gold jewelry.

Satin Nickel (SN)

An extremely popular finish that works equally well on traditional, vintage or contemporary hardware.  Yet, it’s neutral enough to coordinate with any door color.  Brushed to obtain a soft luster, then satin-lacquered for protection.  It’s a finish that’s sure to endure the vicissitudes of style.

Timeless Bronze (TB)

The most practical bronze finish.  We oxidize our brass, then relieve the edges to reveal a hint of lighter bronze underneath.  Finally, we use satin-lacquer to provide a satisfying patina for the ages.

Unlacquered Brass (ULB)

The way brass hardware started.  Polished and unlacquered.  Before lacquers, people either polished their brass hardware to keep it shiny (like they still do in Europe), or let it gather a rich patina.  Only you can decide which is best for your home.