Choosing Hardware for French Doors and Double Doors
Interior French Doors

Double doors and French doors are both a functional and design element many people use in their homes. French doors can be used as both interior and exterior doors. They have windows that allow light through, which helps rooms appear larger and brighter. You can then open your exterior doors to the outdoors to let in light and air. Additionally, french doors can increase value in a home because they are a unique addition. Whether closet doors, double glass doors for a home office, or even an entrance, the type of hardware you use will depend on the function of the doors.

Closet Doors

For closets that aren’t very deep, handles on double doors do not need to latch. Typically, single dummy sets are installed on the exterior side of these doors. It is important to note that bore holes are not required for dummy sets.

Single Dummy set for Double Closet Doors

Interior French Doors

For interior french and double doors that need to latch, install a double dummy set on one side and a passage set on the other. If the doors need to lock, substitute a privacy set for the passage set. Bore holes are necessary for doors that have latches.

Interior French Doors Hardware

Exterior French Doors

French doors are occasionally used for front entry doors or porch doors. For doors that lead to the exterior of a home, order a dummy entrance set and a regular entry set to provide a locking mechanism between the two doors.

French Doors Entry Set

If you have any questions about hardware for double or french doors, please reach out to our customer service department.