Leveraging a New Look
Nostalgic Warehouse introduces first-ever Levers in three beautiful designs

Nostalgic Warehouse is pleased to unveil an exciting trio of levers to complement its extensive collection of heirloom-quality hardware. Levers are a brand-new addition to the company’s signature line of knobs, handles and more, all crafted to look and feel like authentic period pieces with the benefit of modern standards of durability and beauty. The levers are crafted to the highest standards of excellence and are certain to add sophisticated style to any design setting.

Created from solid forged brass, these amazing levers are offered in seven designer finishes. Each is available in: Passage, Privacy and Single/Double-Dummy functions and is pre-mounted for easy installation. All three levers are compatible with any Nostalgic Warehouse rosette, short plate or long plate. By mixing and matching pieces and finishes, there are nearly endless combinations of extraordinary hardware to suit any décor.

Brass Levers

Swan Lever with the Classic Rosette

Nostalgic Warehouse has carefully chosen three memorable designs styles to initiate its lever collection:

Manor – pure refined elegance. Gentle contours and notched recesses lend subtle interest to traditional lines and add the flexibility needed to complement rustic or formal settings.

Fleur – a hint of botanical beauty. Organic curves and flowing lines make this one an elegant choice for even the most luxurious décor.

Swan – a homage to a golden age of grace and ease. A spiraling plumeat the center conveys a classic charm from years gone by.

As with all Nostalgic Warehouse hardware, each lever is assembled by hand in the USA and is covered by a five-year mechanical and finish warranty.

Fleur Lever with Deco Long Plate

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Fleur lever

Swan lever

Manor lever

Craftsman long plate with
Manor lever

Meadows long plate with
Swan lever

Deco long plate with
Fleur lever

New York long plate with
Swan lever