Nostalgic Warehouse Door Hardware Featured In 2021 Palladio Award-Winning Sperry Chalet Reconstruction

Traditional Building’s Palladio Awards recognize outstanding work in traditional design. Anderson Hallas Architects’ Sperry Chalet Restoration is one of the three 2021 winners in the Restoration and Renovation category. As noted in the press release, “Palladio Award winners enhance the beauty and humane qualities of the built environment through creative interpretation and adaptation of design principles developed through thousands of years of architectural tradition.” The renovation incorporated Nostalgic Warehouse hardware to enhance the vintage lodge aesthetic from the original structure.

Located in Montana’s Glacier National Park, the Sperry Chalet was originally built in 1914 by the Great Northern Railway. The facility consists of a dining chalet, dormitory, and restrooms. The buildings were built from native rock and sit on a beautiful alpine ledge with amazing National Park views. The only way to reach the facility is by hiking or horseback riding, making it a unique and serene place to visit.

The dormitory building of this National Historic Landmark was mostly lost in the 2017 Sprague wildfire. Luckily, enough money was raised to bring the structure back to life within two years. The renovations were completed in 2019, and the facility was back in full service by 2020.

During reconstruction, materials were flown in by helicopter or loaded in through pack mules because of the chalet’s remote location. Throughout the chalet, Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware was used to incorporate the vintage feel of the original structure. The Classic Rosette with Brown Porcelain Knob in Oil-Rubbed Bronze highlights the rustic appeal of the facility while imparting a vintage feeling from the 100-year old designs.

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