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Did you know Nostalgic Warehouse has a YouTube channel? Installation videos are uploaded here to help users install their new door hardware. The channel also features videos for new products, including the recent Brass Cabinet Hardware teaser video. Read on to learn more about our two newest installation videos.

The installation videos were recently completed for Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware users. The videos detail installation of our Long Plates- one video for plates with preattached knobs and one for plates with restoration knobs. A privacy set of the New York long plate and knob in Antique Brass is used in each video.

Nostalgic Warehouse Installation

The videos both incorporate an overview of what is included in the box for each set of door hardware along with a step by step video overview of the installation process. The video for our Preattached Long Plates features a simple installation process where the plates and knobs are already put together and installed as one piece on each side of the door.

Installation for Restoration Long Plates requires a few more steps for attaching the knobs. A nylon bushing is included for each side of the hardware, and the knobs must be attached to the plates by screwing them on to the spindle and tightening with the attached hex screws. If questions arise when installing your door hardware, you can contact our customer service department at 1-800-522-733, Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm MT.

New York plate and knob

These two videos join the two previously released installation videos for both Preattached and Restoration Rosettes and Short Plates. All videos can be seen on our website or YouTube page.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss our latest video releases. We have exciting new product launch teasers coming soon, and will be releasing more installation videos in the future. Stay tuned!

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New York plate and knob

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