5 Ways to Update Your Doors
Project Showcase: Modern Handmade Home Series

Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware recently partnered with a group of creative bloggers for their Modern Handmade Home Series. The series began in 2017 as a collaborative effort between bloggers to grow their audiences while showcasing their aptly matched design styles. Let’s get to know each blogger and their latest feature for the series: 5 Ways to Update Your Doors.

Love Create Celebrate Lindi Vanderschaaf

Lindi Vanderschaaf, Love Create Celebrate

Lindi gave her hallway doors a makeover with some new trim, paint, and door hardware. She chose Grandeur’s Fifth Avenue Long Plate and Knob in Satin Nickel to contrast beautifully against the dark navy colored doors. Lindi’s modern design style incorporates clean lines, wood tones, and geometric patterns to modernize and brighten the rooms in her house. Her suggestion to others who are picking out door hardware is to choose something that speaks to you, will make your design stand out, and is of higher quality so it will stand the test of time.

Lindi’s blog, Love Create Celebrate, follows her family’s home renovation and design projects. Up next is a bathroom renovation, which she says should be a very dramatic before and after story. Tips she has for readers wanting to update their home include planning ahead, budgeting, scheduling, making a checklist, and always being ready for surprises that may pop up. Lindi enjoys seeing similar products used in different ways as a part of the Modern Handmade Home series. She feels her readers also connect with the other bloggers as much as she does.

Gemma Bonham-Carter

Gemma Bonham-Carter, The Sweetest Digs

The Sweetest Digs

Gemma updated her kids’ craft room with the Waldorf Crystal doorknob and matching Waldorf Crystal Cabinet knobs. She wanted to create a bright and cheery space and felt the crystal knobs and gold plating would be a great match for the pink door and white cabinet. Gemma finds her design style to be simple and modern with a Scandinavian flair. She likes rooms that are bright and airy to bring a sense of calm. Her craft room update brings fun colors together in a playful yet classy way.

On her blog, The Sweetest Digs, she shares tips on how to create a simple and stylish home by focusing on the special details to bring personality into your space. She suggests those looking to make an update to their home start by browsing Pinterest. Gemma loves collaborating on the Modern Handmade Home series because although the other bloggers have similar styles, they still come up with different and unique ways to tackle their projects.

Colleen Pastoor

Colleen Pastoor, Lemon Thistle

Lemon Thistle

For this project, Collen updated the doorknobs on her daughter’s bedroom. She chose the Soliel rosette and knob from Grandeur Hardware to match her daughter’s personality and give her something unique to her space. Collen believes a person’s design style should be a unique reflection of who they are and what they like as well as being compatible with the way a family lives. Because of this, she tends to lean towards cozy boho and contemporary, family-friendly style in her house.

Collen’s blog, Lemon Thistle, is all about approachable DIY, hand lettering, and home décor. She also focuses on kid-friendly products and creating tutorials that are easy to understand and recreate for the DIYers just starting out. Visitors to her blog will also notice her beautiful hand-lettered products. Her big tip for readers wanting to make a transformation in their homes is to just go for it – take the risk and love your home. Colleen enjoys collaborating with the other bloggers in the Modern Handmade Home series on their challenge-style projects and seeing how each one approaches the task in unique ways.

Andrea Haraldsen

Andrea Haraldsen, Harlow & Thistle

Harlow & Thistle

Andrea recently installed new door hardware and locks on her exterior doors as a part of a door makeover for the Modern Handmade Home series. She was drawn to the simple but substantial tall plate of Grandeur’s Arc collection and matched it with a hunter green door for subtle contrast. She suggests taking the opportunity to update your door hardware when moving into a new home. Andrea describes her design style as bright, natural, and eclectic with a balance of rustic, throw-back, and modern pieces.

Her blog, Harlow & Thistle, initially started as a place to document the projects she created for her wedding. Through the years, it has grown to include more home décor and lifestyle content, tips for creating lux for less, and the Modern Handmade Home series. Andrea says it is a joy to work with the other bloggers in the group because of their complimentary styles and similar perspectives on home décor and DIY. Andrea suggests to readers looking to make a transformation in their home to start with something small that will have a big impact, such as paint or new door hardware. These little projects will give a taste of how it feels to personalize your home without having to tackle a huge project right away.

Thalita Murray

Thalita Murray, The Learner Observer

The Learner Observer

Thalita completed a powder room update which included some new brass door hardware and wall accents. She chose Grandeur’s Fifth Avenue Tall Plate and Chambord Crystal Knob to give a sense of luxury while popping against the black door. She also updated the door hinges to match the plate. Lastly, Thalita chose matching switchplates from Nostalgic Warehouse to complete the look. Thalita’s blog, The Learner Observer, is a place for her to share the things she loves with the world. Her design and art background have provided the foundation for her blog to grow.

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