The Homebody House
Project Showcase: Homebody House

Danae of The Homebody House has been slowly updating aspects of her home since her family purchased it in April 2019. The house was well maintained and thoughtfully updated by the previous owners, so it has only needed small updates for now while Danae and family are able to enjoy their new home. As far as her blog, Danae started The Homebody House after many years of apartment living. What began as a blog showcasing thoughtful tips for decorating a rental space to make it feel more like a home, blossomed into a real passion project through both a blog and Instagram account.

In order to continue to make her current home more comfortable, cozy, and inviting, Danae has been slowly updating small details. She is trying to incorporate more color and give her home a more traditional aesthetic. These ideas led her to choose Nostalgic Warehouse’s door hardware. The New York plate and Craftsman knob along with new steel hinges amp up the class and add longevity to a small but important aspect of the home. The new hardware was switched out on a Saturday, proving it to be a quick and easy update. Danae commented, “It’s the kind of hardware that will last as long as the house does!” She plans to now update the exterior hardware as well as other small interior details including door stops.

Danae also said, “The hardware we chose from Nostalgic Warehouse is not only beautiful but is timeless and well crafted. It is hands down the one thing in our home that gets the most compliments. Every time I post a photo of our home, if the hardware is shown, it’s bound to get commented on! That’s when you know you’ve chosen well!”

Up next for Danae and family are some exterior projects such as landscaping and garden building. They would also love to do a dining room expansion and kitchen remodel sooner rather than later. We can’t wait to see more from the Homebody House!

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