Project Showcase: The White Farmhouse

Morgan Ford runs the blog and Instagram account, The White Farmhouse Blog. Both showcase her family’s farmhouse style, which is highlighted in her recent project incorporating Nostalgic Warehouse vintage style door hardware into the home. She finds inspiration from images on Pinterest and blogs that speak to her style preferences. Her style is a unique mix of thoughtful, inviting, and lived-in looks that are a blend of many different eras.

Morgan believes using the imagination to create function with aesthetics is a great way to find one’s style and make a house a home. She sometimes feels as though filling our minds with “inspiration” can clog what is in front of us. Copying something else doesn’t always work in her home, and often isn’t a true reflection of their style. She follows her dad’s advice, “You know what you want, you just don’t know how to get there.” Rather than planning or organizing for projects, she remains flexible and goes with the flow.

Morgan and her family live in her husband’s grandparents’ old farmhouse. They have been fixing it up as they can, and currently, the remodel has been a work in process for over five years. The most challenging part of fixing up an old farmhouse so far has been deciding how to handle the rotting foundation. Although it is a stressful and challenging part of remodeling, knowing the home has been in the family for so long gives Morgan and her husband a sense of pride. They want to repair the house, so generations of their family can continue to live in and love the home.

While choosing to use Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware was easy, Morgan says picking the style was the hard part. She ultimately went with the Egg & Dart long plate with the White Porcelain knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. She loved the detailing on the plate and how the hardware blended in with the home.

The hardware fits so perfectly with the home’s farmhouse-style she would love to eventually include it on the exterior doors as well.  She loves having details – whether it be lighting or door hardware – that you see hints of throughout the house to really tie it all together.

While updating the door hardware, Morgan definitely learned her lesson on measuring the backset sizes. Since the sizing is essential to the hardware fitting on the door, it is crucial to get the proper measurement before ordering. Don’t guess!

As far as tips for readers who want to take on a farmhouse remodel or new build, Morgan has some good ones. Her first recommendation is, “Always anticipate it will take twice as long and cost twice as much as you think.” She also prioritizes finding a home with good bones and beautiful land. She got lucky because she married the boy next door, and their house sits in between each of their parents’ farms. Morgan’s husband says not to cut corners and don’t take the easy route. It’s better to make things right before making them pretty.

The White Farmhouse Blog started after Morgan and her husband had their first child and had just finished their first year of remodeling. She was looking back at the hard work and love poured into their house and decided to blog about it. At the time, Morgan had also started a new position working weekends as an Emergency/Urgent care nurse and needed the creative outlet. She has continued to share their story to inspire others and is grateful for the outlet the blog has given her. She could never have imagined others would find interest and joy in their little journey and is thankful for the love and encouragement from so many strangers along the way.

Morgan is currently working in her local ER on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, so we at Nostalgic Warehouse want to send our deepest gratitude for sharing this story.

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