Simple Hardware Updates Add Value & Character to Your Home

Warmer weather is here, making it a perfect time to clean and update your home. Changing out hardware is an easy way to add charm and value. Here are some simple updates that make a big impact throughout your home.

Start Small with Brass Cabinet Hardware

You can use cabinet hardware on more than just cabinets! From dressers to cupboards to kitchen and bath cabinets, solid brass cabinet pulls and knobs improve the look instantly. Our brass cabinet hardware matches our door hardware options so you can create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Crystal Cabinet Hardware Adds a Touch of Glam

As with our brass cabinet hardware, our crystal cabinet knobs and pulls give furniture and cabinets an instant dose of glam.

Brass Accessories for a Custom Look

Update the switchplates and outlet covers throughout your home to give it a custom look. Matching the hardware to your door hardware is a popular option, or use a complementing finish to make these plates really stand out.

Update Your Door Hardware

Changing your door hardware is one of the most straightforward updates to make a big impact in the home. We offer a variety of styles to match your personality and aesthetic perfectly. From simple shapes to vintage details, our brass and porcelain knobs provide a pop of character. You can also add any of our crystal knobs to any backplate to embrace sparkle throughout your house. No matter which door you are updating, our array of products and simple installation instructions make this a fun and quick way to add value. Make sure you also update the hinges to match whatever finish you choose for your door hardware.

Make Your Entry Door Stand Out

Entry sets from Nostalgic Warehouse make your entry door stand out. With the intricate details in our vintage-inspired collections or the simplicity of a more traditional entry set, our hardware can significantly impact the look of your exterior doors.

Browse our website to find your perfect products, and then order from one of our online or showroom dealers. It is our goal at Nostalgic Warehouse to make the very best vintage-inspired hardware in the world ­— hardware that adds the finishing touch of beauty and charm to your home.