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My Life From Home
Style Q&A: Doorknob Updates with Amy

Lifestyle blogger Amy Dowling, author of My Life from Home, recently updated the doorknobs in her home.

Amy Dowling

Amy from My Life from Home loves a good DIY project and is currently in the process of updating her entire home! Her lifestyle blog shows off her room makeovers and gives readers a glimpse into her life with expert craft and DIY home décor tips.

Recently, she updated all of her interior doors to capture the style she is looking for in her new home – a more muted color palette.

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It looks like you have started updating your home one room at a time, what is your goal and how do you pick the rooms to update?

We moved into a new home in November and immediately started on our kitchen. Knowing how important that space is for our family, this renovation became a top priority. The current space was long overdue for an update with broken appliances and very little counter space. We removed all cabinets and appliances, reworked the space to function better and offer more counter and cooking space. Our hope is when finished is that it reflects our style, but also works well for our busy family of five. After the kitchen, we plan to make little updates like paint, and light fixtures to make our home feel more personal to us.

Describe your recent project (updating your interior doors) and why you chose to use Nostalgic Warehouse.

Our home has a lot of doors and two long hallways which are difficult to style. By changing out the door hardware, it gives the space a unique look and adds cohesiveness to the overall design of the home. I have always loved the look of glass knobs. They are gorgeous! Having the ability to pair those with an antique brass plate gave me just the look I wanted. They pair well with my vintage furnishings and lighting.

Nostalgic Warehouse Cottage Short Plate Crystal Doorknob

Did you learn anything new about door hardware along the way that you think would be beneficial for others?

Yes! It is an easy DIY project and something anyone can do on their own. Also, I was surprised at what a difference it made to each room. They were like icing on a cake! They truly are noticeable. I have even had visitors comment on how much they like the door knobs!

Throughout your current renovations, it looks like you are sticking to a particular style. Could you explain your design style and how it has influenced your renovating decisions?

We are a busy family of five, so our home is a space which is casual and comfortable with lots of texture. Nothing is too pristine. I am drawn to the farmhouse/ cottage style because it is light and airy. I love soft shades of green, cream, white, gray, and pink. I start with neutral walls and add in color through the accessories. That way if I change my mind, I can just swap out the accessories and do not have to start from scratch.

Cottage Short Plate Crystal Doorknob My Life From Home

When you started updating your current home, how did you organize and plan for this?

I start by looking at the whole house as one unit. I want each space to be reflective of the whole. So, I chose a color palette and work on adding that to each space. I start with the rooms which are most critical to our daily life and work on budgeting for updates in those spaces first.

You give your readers a ton of great decorating advice – what advice do you think is the most beneficial with someone just getting started renovating their home?

My best advice is to do your research before starting, budget for the major additions to your space and put together a design board. Using Pinterest, gather your ideas and carefully consider how a space will function for the needs of your family. Spend the majority of your budget on the big furnishings that you will use for years to come.

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Out of all of the design projects you have worked on in the past for your home, which one was your favorite and why?

My favorite design project was our master bathroom in our previous home. We did a complete renovation and added patterned cement tile, a spa shower, and a custom wood vanity. It was a dream space and reflected most my love of modern farmhouse style.

What is next for you, your blog and your home renovations?

We are plugging away at our kitchen and hope to have it complete by the end of the month. I am excited to share with my readers the full reveal. After the kitchen, I am planning on starting work on my dining room and then making small updates to my bathrooms.

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