Do you sell direct to the public?

Sorry, but we only sell through Authorized Showrooms and Ecommerce Dealers.

Can I buy Nostalgic Warehouse on the web?

We have many Authorized Ecommerce Dealers. Please see the Find a Dealer tab at the top of the page.

How quickly can I get my order?

All products will be assembled for your order by our experienced, long-term personnel. Normal order turn-around time is 3-5 days, once we receive the order from our Dealer. Our fill-rate averages over 99%!

Where are you located?

Our factory is located in Denver, Colorado.

Why should I buy Nostalgic Warehouse products?

We are the North American leader in vintage door hardware. Our products are the highest quality, and we offer the broadest selection of designs.

Why is forged brass better than cast brass?

Forging costs more, but it produces stronger locksets without defects, and with better detail.

Are Nostalgic Warehouse period designs authentic?

Our vintage designs were adapted from original styles circa 1900. They are extremely faithful to the originals.

Does Nostalgic Warehouse offer matching accessories?

Nostalgic Warehouse offers beautiful solid brass: push plates, hinges, coat hooks, flush pulls, bin pulls, flush catches, crystal knobs and pulls, and door stops in matching finishes.

Can I put one knob style on one side of a door, and another knob style on the other side?

There are a broad range of designs in our catalog, and you can mix/match any knob style with any of our other knob styles.

Can I install Nostalgic Warehouse locks on doors thicker than 1-3/4"?

No. But we do offer thick door kits with Grandeur products.

What’s a “living finish”?

Living finishes are designed to age and develop a beautiful patina over time. If you don’t want the finish to change, you should not order a lockset with a living finish.

Are Nostalgic Warehouse passage and privacy latches adjustable?

No. Adjustable latches are not as durable as non-adjustable latches. You will need to specify if you need 2-3/8” or 2-3/4″ backset latches.

Is there an extra charge for keying-alike (so one key will operate several locks)?

No. But you should mention “keyed alike” when placing an order through an Authorized Showroom or Authorized Ecommerce Dealer.

Do you have other colors for your crystal or porcelain knobs?

Our crystal knobs come in a variety of shapes and colors. Additionally, Nostalgic Warehouse offers four different porcelain knobs. Visit the Knobs section to browse our selection.

Are your Mortise Locksets designed for older houses?

Yes. Our Mortise Locksets are designed to retrofit most older style doors originally built with interior mortise cases. Even if you want to keep your existing mortise lock chasis, our plates, knobs and spindles are made to work with most mortise lock cases.

Will your interior mortise lock chassis fit all older doors with mortise locks?

It fits most, and can be adapted to many others with 2 ¼” backsets.

What is the backset of your mortise lock?

2-1/4” – We do not offer any other size.

Can your mortise lock be used on exterior doors?

No, it is recommended for interior use only, and it’s only available with Nostalgic Warehouse products.

Do your mortise locksets include keys?

Yes, a strike, latchface, mounting screws, and two “skeleton” keys are included.

What size is the latchface on your mortise lock chasis?

7/8” x 6” latchface fits many old-style mortised doors.

Is your mortise lock chassis handed?

Yes, but it’s easily field reversible.

Why is my latch tongue turning 360 degrees?

The tubular latch provided is called a self-handing latch, which allows the installer to easily adjust the latch to accommodate a left-handed OR right-handed door. When the latch is installed, the face plate must be installed to hold the tongue in the desired position.

Why are my Nostalgic Warehouse knobs hard to turn?

Most likely, this is due to binding caused by over-tightening the knobs. To correct, simply loosen the hex screws on one knob, and rotate I counter-clockwise ¼ turn. If, after tightening the hex screws the knob is still binding, repeat with another counter-clockwise turn until smooth operation is achieved.

Why does my Nostalgic Warehouse knob turn 360 degrees and not unlatch the door?

There are two hex screws that screw into the base of each knob and secure the knobs to the spindle. These hex screws sometimes become loose with use. They can be tightened using the hex (allen) wrench supplied with your lockset. If you are having problems keeping the hex screws in place, try putting one drop of clear nail polish in the screw hole before installing the hex screw.

Why is my privacy spindle in two pieces?

The split-spindle on privacy sets allow the interior knob to function independently from the exterior knob. When installing a Privacy lockset, make sure that you screw the two pieces of the split-spindle all the way together and then back it off about a turn and a half. This will insure that the two halves of the split-spindle function properly.

What do I do if someone locks themselves in a room?

There is a small hole in the Rosette or Plate on the exterior side of the door that can be used to unlock a “locked” privacy door. Insert a straightened paper clip or something of similar size into the privacy hole and gently push to unlock the privacy.

What is the difference between Mortise, Privacy, Passage and Dummy?

A mortised door is usually an older door that has a longer, thinner, more narrow lock body and can be used as a passage or privacy. To use it as privacy, you have a skeleton key that unlocks and locks from both sides of the door. To use it as a passage you would simply not use the key or lock the door. A passage function (tubular latch) is used on a closet or hallway door and does not lock. A privacy (tubular latch) is a good door set to use on a bedroom, bathroom or any other interior door you arewanting to lock. A dummy knob does not turn and does not function as a working lock. A dummy function is typically used on doors with some other device which holds the door closed.

What’s an Entry Door Knob?

There are many different names for the locks used on the outside doors of a home:

  1. Entrance Handleset/Handleset/Grip Handleset: large (18” to 20” tall) hardware on a front door that uses a grip instead of a knob or lever. We offer a wide selection of these.
  2. Entrance Knobset: the combination of a passage knob lockset, and a deadbolt. This approach provides a perfect match for interior locksets, but on exterior doors. It also provides much better security than knobs with keys in the center (see below). We offer a wide selection of these.
  3. Keyed Knob/Key-in-Knob: Knobs with in internal locking system frequently used on inexpensive homes. Having the locking mechanism inside the knob severely limits knob and rosette design. It also provides less security than a deadbolt. These should only be used in conjunction with a deadbolt.

Are Nostalgic Collection backplate styles available without a keyhole?

YES. All Nostalgic Collection backplates that use a tubular latch are available with or without a decorative keyhole. Interior lock sets with the mortise lock function all require a (functioning) keyhole to be used with an included skeleton key.

What is California Proposition 65?

California’s Proposition 65 requires businesses to disclose when their products contain potentially hazardous chemicals. Regal Brands is complying with the law and notifying users that our products contain trace amounts of some chemicals listed in Prop 65. The risk of exposure to these chemicals from our products is very low. However, we are complying with the law to protect our customers.

The following warning is included across our family of brands because our products contain brass, including trace amounts of lead, which are potentially hazardous:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.